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About Us

Eco-Pulse Environmental Consulting Services was established in 2010 and has grown to become a leader in the specialist fields in which we operate.  We are based in KwaZulu- Natal but have undertaken work across the width and breadth of South Africa.   We have Christian values and aim to do our work with professionalism and integrity and through this to contribute to the management of our natural environment on which we all depend.  We work closely with a range of other consultancy companies and aim to grow and develop long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and partners.

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Eco-Pulse Team

The Eco-Pulse team is made up of a group of dedicated natural scientists who have various fields of specialised expertise which enables us to provide our clients a wide range of services

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Strategic Partnerships

The Functional Urban Rivers Alliance:  Increasingly recognised as a lost opportunity in our cities, we still struggle to draw urban rivers and wetlands into mainstream planning and design and draw out their maximum potential.  They are barricaded by flood lines, scoured by stormwater, become dumping grounds and security risks.

Aqualinks, Eco-Pulse and Fourth Element formed the “Functional Urban Rivers” alliance in 2017 out of a common vision for enhancing our urban river systems.  This is a partnership with engineers and scientists with extensive experience in river and wetland projects ranging from policy and guideline development through to process facilitation, planning and detailed design.  We strive to bring the necessary players together to turn our urban rivers into functional assets of the community. We provide practical planning and design experience to assist the team to optimize the ecological, social, and economic services that our rivers can support.

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